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Start with talent. Finish with strengths.

Bobby Shaw works with business leaders and restaurant owners to improve their results through developing a strong, strengths-based culture of leadership development within their organizations.

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  • ‘Cutting Onions’ Update

    November 17, 2019

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to remind everyone of a few key dates around the release of my first book, "Cutting Onions: Leadership Lessons Learned from The Restaurant Industry"...

  • 19. Bonus: The Evolution of Leadership Development

    For this bonus episode, I go back to 2017 and the talk I gave at the Restaurant Franchising Innovation Summit in Dallas, TX. In this short talk, I talk about the evolution of leadership development, how we develop leaders, and who is developing you as a leader? I hope you enjoy this bonus episode and […]

  • 18. Q&A with Jake Shaw

    November 14, 2019

    Welcome to Episode 18 of The Cutting Onions Podcast. I am super excited to sit down on the podcast today with my son, Jacob Shaw. Jake is a GM for Raising Cane’s in the Kansas City Market. I love talking to GM’s about their passion for the business, how they develop leaders, and why culture […]

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