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Creating a Culture that Drives Results

Published August 12, 2013


We all want to be successful in what we are doing. We want our teams to be successful. We thrive on success. We dream about it, wish for it, sacrifice for it, and push ourselves to the limit for it.

So, why aren’t we more successful?

I believe it is the culture that lives within our organizations that keeps us and our teams from achieving the success we would like to see. That culture is ingrained in the DNA of the organization so much so, that it may keep us from seeing things as they really are. Our teams may not see past the surface level issues holding them back from accomplishing important goals and objectives, and I believe the reason why is they are too busy looking at the symptoms they are facing and not diagnosing the root cause of the problem. And maybe we have the same problem.

Here are 3 things you and your teams can do to dig deep and get the results you are looking for:

1. Diagnose the root cause of problems in your organization.
• Use Facts – observations, conversations, & knowledge.

 We all have opinions, but make sure you only deal with what you can prove to be true. Nothing is more demotivating then conjecture and speculation.
• Realize the cause of the problem is always one of these 3 things:

Always. No matter what.

Once you realize that it is one of these 3 things you learn to ask much better questions to help you get to the root cause of the problem you seek to solve.
2. Communicate effectively with the team.
• Be crisp and clear with your communication
• Find out if they truly agree 

with your assessment
• Ask good questions. Take your time. Don’t rush.
• Sit with the team. You can learn so much from your team by just being present in the moment.
• Go through the diagnosis with them

. Have them share their thoughts about what you’re seeing.
• Have the conversation until you are absolutely sure you had an impact
3. Empower your team.
• Share your vision with your people
• Know your people
• Believe in your people
• Care about your people
• Let your people know that you need them
• Diagnose what they need to do to reach their goal
• Communicate with them often
The only silver bullet in this equation is you as a leader. If you have the right folks on the team and you use this approach you will greatly improve your chance of success in seeing the people on your team develop into the leaders we all need.