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Using Social Media to Celebrate Successes at Work

Published September 3, 2013

Social Media is here to stay. Everyone realizes that. Our kids, our parents, and even our grandparents know that. Social Media is used so much in everyday life that many folks wonder what their life would be like without it now. Our kids could not imagine not being able to tweet, post pics to Instagram, and check out their Newsfeed on Facebook. So if social media is here to stay, why aren’t more companies leveraging its use to celebrate their business? Of course many companies have a strong presence within social media but are they focusing on the right things? It’s easy to focus on the customer base, and certainly that needs to be done. Customers need to be kept abreast of changes within the company that affect them, as well as new product developments and special promotions, but are companies missing out on an opportunity to engage with their employees using social media?
I have found social media to be a powerful tool in celebrating the successes surrounding people development, promotions to a new position, and life events. Part of what can take a company from being a good organization to a great one is the way it engages its customers AND employees. In my experience if you want to get the word out about someone getting promoted post the announcement via social media versus email. Believe me within minutes everyone will know, and that is so great for morale and camaraderie amongst your team. I certainly saw this at Chipotle in my years there. When we promoted a Restaurateur I posted it on my Facebook page and literally the word spread between 228 restaurants and 10 states within minutes. It was incredibly powerful for peers to be able to share in the celebration with their team member and friend. When we were announcing our entry into a new market, I put it on my Facebook page and folks were so pumped up about it that they were offering to move there! Not to mention the loyal customers who were so excited we were coming that they created their own Facebook page & Twitter accounts for our new markets. You can’t buy that kind of engagement for any amount of advertising dollars, and it happens to be free.
Do you want to get your company excited about a new initiative? Are you taking the company a different direction? Are you implementing major changes? Are you about to make an exciting promotion within the organization? Think about using Social Media to engage your teams the next time you are about to just send out an email. The excitement level will be palpable within your organization and you will be viewed as a cutting edge leader who knows how to use technology to create loyalty and pride within the entire team.