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The Moment You Believe What You're Saying Is True

Published March 28, 2015


 When you are leading a team through a time of transition it can be difficult to cast the vision, shoulder the message, and carry the weight of the uncertainty on your shoulders. There are days that turn into weeks that turn into months where you wonder if what you are doing really matters. You may ask yourself is anyone really listening? Does anyone really care? 

As a leader you know all the right things to say. You know the boiler plate language used to describe your company. You know what the organization stands for. You can recite the mission and vision. You want to believe that what you know in your head is actually true in your heart. 

And then there is the moment you believe it. That is the most powerful moment in the life of a leader and in the life of a company. 

The moment you believe what you’re saying is the moment that the mission and vision of your organization come alive and the people around you can FEEL what you are saying, not just hearing the words come out of your mouth. This is the moment where you hear the words that you are saying turn into the vision that your heart aches to accomplish. This is the moment that you can actually see the future of your organization accomplishing your goals. This is the moment where you can’t turn back because the desire to lead your team to greatness is stronger than the pain of getting there. 

That moment, when regardless of the circumstances and challenges you may be facing, you know as a leader that what you believe is true and nothing can change that. Embrace the moment. It’s in that moment that Leadership becomes Art and can change the world.