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The 80’s Are Over. And So is the 80’s Management Style.

Published April 27, 2017

The best restaurant companies rise above the internal politics that seem so pervasive across many organizations today. Recognize and reward top performers based on ability and results, not charisma and popularity.

I believe one of the reasons top performers leave is the organizational health of a company and the culture that manifests itself as a result. We see that in the turnover numbers across the restaurant industry. But what are we doing about it?

The 80’s are over folks. The bull in the china shop, clipboard and stopwatch style leadership will not create a team of people who are able to achieve results in a sustainable and reproducible way. Top performers do not want to work in that environment and more importantly, they won’t.

Let’s set the right example and show them what healthy leaders look like. Let’s show them what healthy organizations look like. Let’s focus on strengths, not weaknesses. Let’s surround ourselves with leaders who want more for each other than they want for themselves. Let’s foster collaboration, and let that develop some healthy competition.

The next generation of leaders want to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves and want to change the world. Let’s help them do it.