Leading in Our Schools, Investing in Our Students

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I had a great call this morning with the Food Service Director of a school district in the KC metro area. We were discussing my upcoming presentation to the team there and I love how this leader is looking at her team and how she is investing in them. We need more leaders in our schools who challenge the status quo, expect more, and lead at a higher level.
Typically when people talk about food service at a school, it is without much passion, fanfare, or excitement. We all have kids in school (or have had, or know people that do) and the act of providing a meal to those students should not be taken lightly. It’s an act of servant leadership that touches hundreds of lives everyday, in just one school, and thousands across a school district.
As the leader I spoke with today said, “We have these children for 30 minutes, uninterrupted, everyday. No cell phones. No distractions. We have to make the most of that time.” I will add that the 30-minute window each day is an investment in the lives of our students and future leaders that will someday lead our society. That return on that investment is incalculable, and will be felt for years to come.
I’m honored to be speaking to these leaders and look forward to seeing all they will accomplish in serving their students as they invest in their lives in meaningful ways.

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