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Using Uncertainty To Your Advantage

Published May 2, 2018

One of the realities of leadership is that we don’t always know the answer to the problem that needs to be solved, or we don’t have complete clarity on how to move forward. While these moments of uncertainty can be frustrating, it gives us an opportunity to sit with a problem or a situation and focus on what we DO know.

When we are uncertain as a leader about what to do, we aren’t being ineffective, we are being human. When we aren’t sure which path to take, focus on the things that you are sure about and crush those goals. Sometimes when you work on a different project and make an impact, you gain confidence that carries over to those issues that you were struggling with and are able to develop a strategy to move forward.

Oftentimes, the problem or business issue we shift our focus to and begin solving actually informs the other situation and provides potential solutions that we couldn’t see before. This is the equivalent of getting up and taking a walk to clear your mind. After hours or working on solving a problem sometimes all it takes is walking away from it for a period of time to gain the clarity you need. Sometimes when you start working on another project you have the aha moment you were looking for, and instead of being singularly unproductive, you double your productivity and become inspired, which impacts you and everyone around you in the best ways.

Set a predetermined amount of time to wrestle with an issue and then set it aside and move onto something that you have clarity around. You will find that you will not only be more productive, but that productivity turns into the much needed momentum to tackle the projects that will stretch you and make your organization better. Instead of seeing problems as unsolvable, you start asking the question “what does this situation, issue, or problem make possible?”