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15. Bonus: Q&A with Dan Haseltine, Grammy Award Winning Artist and founder of Blood:Water

Published November 3, 2019

In this bonus episode I travel to Nashville for a conversation with Blood:Water Development Officer and Grammy-award winning musician Dan Haseltine.

You may be asking yourself, “What does a Grammy award winning musician and a non-profit organization have to do with leadership development and building a strong culture?”

Well, as you’ll hear in this wide ranging conversation, they have a lot to do with those two things.

Dan is lead singer of the band Jars of Clay, who is known for songs like “Flood”, “Worlds Apart”, “Crazy Times”, and “Inland”. The band, who has won 3 Grammys, began to hear stories about the clean water and HIV/AIDS crises in Africa about 10 years into their career as a band.

After traveling to Africa and seeing those stories in the lives of the people in those communities, they founded a non-profit called Blood:Water in 2004. The mission of Blood:Water is to gather support, come alongside, and equip African organizations as they work to address the water and HIV/AIDS crises in their communities.

In this interview we discuss using your platform to make an impact, creating culture, mentoring other leaders, social justice, changing the arc of someone’s story, and so much more.