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Published March 22, 2021

Longtime Nashville chef Jeremy Barlow has come up with an amazing idea I happened upon during my trip to Music City this past weekend. Located in the ever bustling 12 South district in Nashville, ‘Insert Chef Here’ is Jeremy’s idea to help keep chefs being able to cook for people using the We Work model where they rent the space for an evening, event, or even a short residency to flex their culinary muscles. What a great opportunity to try out a new menu idea and getting real time feedback from guests.

This is an amazing idea for both a chef to keep creating and feeding their desire to connect with the guests through food, and a guest looking for a very cool culinary experience. This is the type of innovation and disruption that is needed so much in the restaurant industry to keep local chefs working and local restaurants thriving. Kudos to Jeremy for championing this idea and making it a reality in Nashville!