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What I'm Doing Right Now


I recently finished my first book, “Cutting Onions”. It will be published by Morgan James Publishing in Nashville, and it is due to be released in early 2020. I’m working with the team on cover art and all the little details that have to happen when publishing a book! I am very excited! I continue to work with clients throughout the midwest, helping them with scaling their businesses through a focus on people development and culture and showing how that focus translates into improved productivity and overall results.

What’s Next?

I am honored to be speaking at the LEAD Summit on May 2nd in Orlando! I’ll be talking about creating a strong people culture and discussing what Chipotle did during my 10 years there to create lightning in a bottle that changed the industry forever.

Reading, Writing & Podcasts I’m Listening To

What I’m currently reading…

I’ve always believed that Leaders are Readers so I like to keep my Tribe updated on the different books I am reading. Sometimes they are new books and sometimes they are classics that I am revisiting. I am linking the book titles back to the author’s website.

Recently published words…

For the last 6 years, I have been blogging about People Development, Culture, and Authentic Leadership. Here are three popular blog posts that you may find helpful on your leadership journey. From time to time I write for industry trade magazines and I will post links to those articles as well.

  1. Making Lightning Strike Twice
  2. Protecting The Investment
  3. Beware The Unenlightened Leader

Podcasts I’m currently listening to…

Technology as a learning accelerator is an awesome thing. With podcasts you can have your favorite thought leaders in your ear every day, and who wouldn’t want that? Here are a few podcasts that I’m really enjoying, and that you may also enjoy on your leadership journey.

  1. Masters of Scale
  2. Tribe Of Mentors – Tim Ferriss
  3. When To Jump – Mike Lewis

Projects in the Works

New stuff on the way…

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