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What I'm Doing Right Now


I’m working with restaurant clients in Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Austin helping them with scaling their businesses through a focus on people development and culture and showing how that focus translates into improved productivity and overall results.

Reading, Writing & Podcasts I’m Listening To

What I’m currently reading…

I’ve always believed that Leaders are Readers so I like to keep my Tribe updated on the different books I am reading. Sometimes they are new books and sometimes they are classics that I am revisiting. I am linking the book titles back to the author’s website.

Recently published words…

For the last 6 years I have been blogging about People Development, Culture, and Authentic Leadership. Here are three recent blog posts that you may find helpful on your leadership journey. From time to time I write for industry trade magazines and I will post links to those articles as well.

  1. Today’s Tom Sawyer
  2. When You Can’t Get Out Of Your Own Way
  3. Chipotle: Losing My Religion

Podcasts I’m currently listening to…

Technology as a learning accelerator is an awesome thing. With podcasts you can have your favorite thought leaders in your ear every day, and who wouldn’t want that? Here are a few podcasts that I’m really enjoying, and that you may also enjoy on your leadership journey.

  1. Rework – A Podcast by Basecamp
  2. Tribe Of Mentors – Tim Ferriss
  3. When To Jump – Mike Lewis

Projects in the Works

New stuff on the way…

Other Big Things


This page last updated on September 8, 2018