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Restaurant Mastermind Group Coaching

Restaurant Mastermind Group Coaching

What Is A Mastermind Group?

Back in 1925 Author Napoleon Hill defined a Mastermind Group as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” But it even goes back to the days of Benjamin Franklin. Over the last several decades Mastermind Groups have been created where peer-to-peer relationships have been developed through a mentoring process and leaders have been able to give input into various business issues that arise and provide feedback into any situation by using a collaborative approach to come up with solutions.

Work With Bobby

Mastermind Group for High-Level Restaurant Leaders

This is a high accountability, focused, and transparent executive restaurant leader peer group (Director or above) of up to 10 people who are high performers. Members can be from any discipline within the restaurant industry; Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Development, etc.

Group members will participate in candid conversations and discuss successes, opportunities, and goals for others in the group to offer their input, guidance, and insights to help improve results and achieve even more success.

The group will work together to help the team solve the real problems that leaders in the restaurant industry face every day; staffing, morale, turnover, sales growth, etc. You’ll grow professionally and personally as we all work together and contribute to the conversations that drive success at work and at home.

More Details

This Mastermind will also include personal 1-1 virtual coaching with me. Click here to learn more about me and my background. This group will be a highly confidential environment and nothing will be shared outside of the confines of the group.

The first step is to click the link below for an initial consultation. You will get an email to set up a 15-minute phone interview with me.

The cost to participate in the Mastermind is $297 per month which will give you access to all the benefits of the Mastermind Group including:

  • Weekly 1-hour call video meetings hosted by Bobby with the other executives in the group.
  • One book provided via Kindle or physical book to read as a group and discuss on our calls.
  • One live event in Austin. (Venue and Hotel are covered. You are responsible for your transportation.)

Contact us today to set up an free initial consultation.