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Start with talent. Finish with strengths.

Bobby Shaw works with business leaders and restaurant owners to improve their results through developing a strong, strengths-based culture of leadership development within their organizations.

Recently Published

  • When You Can’t Get Out Of Your Own Way

    June 29, 2018

    When a brand loses what made it special, that loss is always rooted in losing the culture that made the company what it was. While brands certainly need to reinvent themselves along the way and revise the brand narrative, changing the DNA of the brand should not be part of the equation. Are you listening Chipotle?

  • Why The Hustle Is Overrated, Work/Life Balance Is A Myth, and Why You Need A Rhythm

    June 19, 2018

    For many years countless people have written about hustling as hard you can and push for everything you want. Don’t let up. Get it all. Get everything you want. Make sacrifices. You have to give up things you love in order to get what you really want. Reading that stuff makes you feel energized for a season. It makes you feel like you can climb mountains and maybe even move mountains. It makes you feel like there is no obstacle you can’t overcome and no goal you can’t achieve. And that all sounds and feels great...until it doesn’t.

  • The Pivot

    May 22, 2018

    Much like the best days at Chipotle, my desire is to come alongside an organization and lead at a high level to help drive results by ensuring high performing teams have a chance to contribute to the organization, while reproducing others to do the same. Developing strong leaders and building cultures that support growth are the things I excel at, are my passions, and are the foundations that I have built an entire career around.

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